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One of his favorite “toys” to play with in the morning. He sits on top of this plastic bag, chews little holes in it and scolds it the entire time. He also does not like to let it go when it’s time for me to put him in the shower. And the placement of that black dot was just fortuitous. #flashtheparrotlet #parrotlet #pacificparrotlet #pet #petbird #bird #forpus #weirdlittlebird

It was a great weekend of shooting back to back weddings, but I am beyond the point of exhaustion. To give you an idea of just how tired I am, I completely zonked out at 8:30 this evening and only woke up when this little dude climbed to the top of my head to watch the rain and listen to the thunder. And I normally call it a day at 1 or 2 am. #norestforthewicked #flashtheparrotlet

Flash’s favorite part of his morning bathroom routine: drinks of water from the “special yellow cup” that he adores. It makes him so very happy that he laughs the entire time he drinks. Also, you can hear snippets of Mozart singing in the background if you listen carefully. SO glad he’s starting up his singing again. :) Makes my heart happy. #flashtheparrotlet #parrotlet #pacificparrotlet #pet #petbird #bird #forpus #birdlaughter

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