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The birdlets and I got lots of #garden time today. Such a beautiful afternoon! I planted my sugar snap peas today, as well as my spinach and lettuce, weeded my flower bed, transplanted some irises, and mowed the lawn for the first time this year (with my reel mower of course). Flash liked hanging with the #daffodils. #flashtheparrotlet #parrotlet #pet #petbird #bird #forpus #pacificparrotlet

justalittledangerous asked:

Hii! I'm happy to let you know that I succeeded in getting a baby blue parrotlet! He's only 2 months old so he's still figuring a few things out! He doesn't seem to really like eating his veggies or fruits at the moment, is that because of his age, or is he just really picky =.=? Sorry to bombard you with all of these questions, but you take such good care of Flash (and I figured you'd be a great source for some advice!). Thanks!! :) (p.s. my new baby parrotlet's name is Mizu!)

That’s so awesome! :) Yay! Flash sends a big “hello” over to Mizu!

Flash has always been a little picky with his veggies and fruit too. Though he loves spinach. Oftentimes, because he’s a spoiled little twerp, he prefers to eat food directly from my hands, so you might try that. I’ve also found that he’s a lot more likely to try tasting food I want him to eat if he sees me taste it first. Maybe try those things, and mixing his veggies and fruit in with some other food he likes and see what happens from that point. Make it fun for him and he’ll be likely to give it a whirl! Birdies are naturally cautious so hopefully these tips help out. :)

justalittledangerous asked:

Hiii! Flash brightens up my day whenever I see him on my dashboard ^.^. I live in MA, and I've been trying to find a parrotlet for ages!! Did you order Flash as a baby, and do you have any references or places for me to contact? Thank you!! (please say hello to Flash and Mozart for me as well :))

Hi there! I’m so glad my little birdlets brighten your day - that’s such a great compliment - thank you! :) I got Flash as a baby from a breeder in Michigan who hand-raised, hand-fed and socialized him. So he was definitely comfortable and happy being around humans when he arrived to me in Montana. He also knew how to step up and such. When I was first researching parrotlets, because I’d never had one before (I’d always had canaries, but never a parrotlet), I actually found a HUGE amount of wonderful information from the Yahoo parrotlets plus group. You might request joining the group and asking questions in there. They were an awesome resource, and I think they even have a list of breeders by state. Or you can ask them where to find them. You can say you were referred by Flash and Mozart. :) It’s been a while since I’ve posted in there, but I’m guessing they are still a wonderful group to be a part of.

Thanks again for the kind words, and good luck with your search for a p’let baby! :) P.S. Flash and Mozart say hi too!

Lately Flash has not been able to stop staring at this lavender photo I’ve got on my wall. Maybe he wants to visit Vashon Island, which is where I made this image for a Seattle P-I assignment detailing the lavender farms there. I don’t blame him - I loved that assignment. #flashtheparrotlet #parrotlet #pet #petbird #bird #forpus #lavender #vashonisland #seattlepostintelligencer #photojournalist

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